Best ACOG Mount – Awesome Support of Your Optics

ACOG is the abbreviation used for Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight. ACOG stands for a series of optics manufactured by the Trijicon Company specifically for the highest efficiency of target acquisition.

This optics is one of the best on the market due to its precise target aiming and professional use.

Originally, this optics was designed only for two gun models, but now the series include suitable optics for a great variety of weapons.

So you can easily choose the right one. This article will help you find what you want, highlighting specific purposes and desirable capabilities of the products.

ACOG is widely popular among professional users all over the world because of its advantageous features.

By professionals I mean the representatives of military forces of such countries as Israel, Greece, Georgia, the United Kingdom and, of course, the United States of America.

Trijicon is a leading advanced gun optics contractor for the U.S. Military, NATO and different law enforcement agencies all over the world. It means proof to its usability, durability, practicality and high quality.

Various models of ACOG optic series provide fixed magnification range from 1.5x to 6x. Magnification gives you the capability to aim long-distance targets.

The image you get is closer and easier to acquire.

Another advantage is that almost all ACOG reticles require no batteries, because they are illuminated by internal tritium decay.

The internal tritium illumination is very durable and lasts for at least 10-15 years. It is almost 5 times more than any battery used in the standard optics.

It is very important, because you won’t have to worry about the batteries running out.

Next high technology feature of ACOG is external fiber optics. It provides additional illumination on the day hours, which makes it great for bright sun light.

The external fiber optics light pipe simply transmits the light from one part of the fiber to the other. The outside light is collected to illuminate the reticle.

The transition requires no adjustment from a user and is automatic. The dual illumination of the aiming point is a great advantage of ACOG.

Additional durability of ACOG is provided by its rugged design. It is waterproof and has no wire crosshairs, which eliminates break ricks and influences the environment.

ACOG optics is ready to go, as soon as you attach it with a suitable mount. So how to pick the right mount for your ACOG optics? If you don’t know for sure, I am here to help you. Let’s start from the basic features you should pay attention to.

Perfect Fit

There are various ACOG options produced by Trijicon. Depending on your preferences and purposes, you can choose whatever you want.

A lot of the mounts made for ACOG optics are suitable for all of them. But before picking a mount it is better to check whether it works with your particular optics.

A good mount should be solid and well constructed to perfectly fit the optics and lock it in the desirable position. A firm grip is what you are looking for.

The advantage is the possibility to adjust a grip of the mount. The mount should also hold the position of the optics. The mount’s capability to hold the optics’ position is called clamping force. The higher the clamping force, the better.

Attach and Detach

ACOG is extremely easy to use. So you don’t want to add any complications with a mount to it. The best ACOG mount should be easy to attach and detach.

It is also important to do it in a short amount of time. It helps to eliminate time waste while changing the optics. The easier the mount is to remove, the faster the cleaning and maintenance of your gun is.

The ACOG mounts usually come with necessary screw and screwdrivers for the comfort of the user. Some of the manufacturers provide installation instructions, if they are needed.

But mostly the instillation of a mount is quite easy and requires no special skills.

High Quality Materials

A good mount should be made from the high quality materials. It seems obvious, but you should not underestimate the influence of the material on the durability and reliability of the mount.

The options I have picked for you today are all produced from different types of quality materials.

They are not plastic; they are mostly made from different types of aluminum. It provides stability and sturdiness of the items.

Non-Reflective Surfaces

When we are talking about the mounts for ACOG, we mean a professional use of the weapon. That’s why it is very important to stay safe and protect your position.

Non-reflective finish coating is important in all gun accessories. And a mount is no exception to this concept. Elimination of reflection reduces the risks, because it helps to keep your shooting position hidden.


Professionals use different gun accessories while shooting. And they also might wear body armor.

All these items provide the additional weight to the user. This increases health risks and might cause fatigue. Of course, a mount can’t be very heavy because the item itself is quite small.

But any other additional weight should be reduced, if possible. That’s why lightweight is an advantage for any ACOG mount.

Return to Zero

It is another basic feature of a good mount. A good mount provides you with the capability to attach and detach it without losing your zero. It is necessary, if you need to change your optics.

The list of ACOG mounts that I have prepared for you includes the best options on the market. They all have their advantages.

Some of the items might seem a bit pricey. But the quality comes with the price. And if you are using the best optics for you rifle, you might want to also use the best mount.

1. Geissele Automatics Super Precision ACOG Scope Mount

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One of the top choices on the market among different mounts is Geissele Automatics Super Precision ACOG Scope Mount. It was especially designed to work with the Trijicon 4x Power ACOG series of optics for your gun.

It is one of the most popular ACOG series. Such fact makes this item quite popular.

This mount is extremely durable and practical, because it is produced from a single piece of 7075-T6 high quality aluminum.

The clamping force of this mount is 2800 pounds and features 3 shear lugs for maximum rigidity and returning to zero.

Needless to say, you can really rely on this item. Your ACOG optics will be held in the best place and locked in a perfect position. You will be glad to find out that the installation of this mount is pretty easy.

Geissele Automatics Super Precision ACOG Scope Mount comes in two possible colors – black and DDC. This abbreviation stands for desert dirt color that was specifically designed for usage in the desert areas.

It is important in terms of camouflage to not give away your position. That’s why it is one of the best acog mounts.


  • High-quality construction
  • Clamping force 2800 lbs
  • 3 shear lugs
  • Durable & comfortable
  • Perfect for Trijicon 4x ACOG optics
  • Easy installation
  • Made of 7075-T6 aluminum
  • Available in two colors


  • Might not fit other ACOG optics, except for 4x series


2. LaRue Tactical LT100 Trijicon Quick Disconnect Rifle Scope Mount

[mks_col] [mks_one_half][mks_progressbar name=”Durability” level=”93%” value=”93″ height=”15″ color=”#6bad81″ style=”squared”][mks_progressbar name=”Reliability” level=”88%” value=”88″ height=”15″ color=”#6bad81″ style=”squared”][mks_progressbar name=”Practicality” level=”83%” value=”83″ height=”15″ color=”#6bad81″ style=”squared”][mks_progressbar name=”Price” level=”91%” value=”91″ height=”15″ color=”#6bad81″ style=”squared”][/mks_one_half] [mks_one_half] [/mks_one_half] [/mks_col]

Another option for the Trijicon ACOG/VCOG telescopic sights for a reasonable price is LaRue Tactical LT100 Trijicon ACOG/VCOG Quick Disconnect Rifle Scope Mount.

One of its most important advantages is mentioned in the name of the item. It is very easy and quick to install and disconnect.

This mount is perfect for both ACOG and VCOG optics. It makes it very usable and practicable.

This mount is precision-machined out of bar-stock aluminum. It is covered with black anodized finish for a non-reflective surface. This is very important for the user’s safety – your position will remain hidden.

Return to zero is provided by the locking LaRue Speed Lever.

Another important advantage is that the optics you use can be detached and replaced without losing zero.

This mount comes together with additional replacement mounting screws, an adjustment wrench and an installation instruction. It is a very functional mini acog mount.

The well-thought design of this item stands for durability, reliability and repeatability. This mount works perfectly well due to the outstanding quality of the construction.


  • High-quality construction
  • Quick disconnect
  • Can be detached and replaced without losing zero
  • Perfect for both ACOG and VCOG
  • Non-reflective surface
  • Made of bar-stock aluminum
  • Comes with the replacement mounting screws
  • Durable & stable


  • A bit pricey

3. Bobro Trijicon ACOG Mount B05-000-001

[mks_col] [mks_one_half][mks_progressbar name=”Durability” level=”85%” value=”85″ height=”15″ color=”#6bad81″ style=”squared”][mks_progressbar name=”Reliability” level=”91%” value=”91″ height=”15″ color=”#6bad81″ style=”squared”][mks_progressbar name=”Practicality” level=”90%” value=”90″ height=”15″ color=”#6bad81″ style=”squared”][mks_progressbar name=”Price” level=”90%” value=”90″ height=”15″ color=”#6bad81″ style=”squared”][/mks_one_half] [mks_one_half] [/mks_one_half] [/mks_col]

This list won’t be complete, if I don’t include the bobro acog mount review in it.

Bobro Trijicon ACOG Mount B05-000-001 is a well-built mount, designed for the ACOG series. It is produced in the United States of America and provides a high-quality support for your optics.

The solid contraction of this mount is proved by 6061-T6 aluminum it is made of. Type 3 anodized finish coating provides the necessary protection and non-reflective effect.

A single-patented BLAC lever system of this mount is perfect for Trijicon ACOG optics and requires no manual adjustment to a proper solid engagement on a 1913 Picatinny rail.

The height of the mount is suitable for Trijicon factory dimensions which make it a perfect fit.

It is 3.5 inches long and has two fastener allocations. You would be also happy to find out that this mount can be ambidextrously adjusted.

This mount is well-built, simple to use and locks your optics very good. It is rock-solid and returns to zero very easy. Another advantageous use of this mount is its assistance in a quick optics change.


  • 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Well-built
  • Easy to attach and detach
  • 1913 Picatinny rail
  • Produced according to the Trijicon factory dimensions
  • Ambidextrously adjusted
  • Solid & durable


  • A bit heavy


4. LaRue Tactical LT681 QD Speed Lever Trijicon ACOG Rifle Scope Mount

[mks_col] [mks_one_half][mks_progressbar name=”Durability” level=”84%” value=”84″ height=”15″ color=”#6bad81″ style=”squared”][mks_progressbar name=”Reliability” level=”91%” value=”91″ height=”15″ color=”#6bad81″ style=”squared”][mks_progressbar name=”Practicality” level=”90%” value=”90″ height=”15″ color=”#6bad81″ style=”squared”][mks_progressbar name=”Price” level=”92%” value=”92″ height=”15″ color=”#6bad81″ style=”squared”][/mks_one_half] [mks_one_half] [/mks_one_half] [/mks_col]

LaRue Tactical LT681 QD Speed Lever Trijicon ACOG Rifle Scope Mount stands out among other mounts on the list, because it positions ACOG opticss further to the rear. This position allows you to use it with the M16A2-lenghts stocks.

Due to its ergonomic construction, it is precisely good for the users who wear body armor.

This mount works perfectly with Trijicon ACOG optics. It locks your optic easily and firmly holds it in the desirable position.

The contoured aft-section provides fast and simple access to charging handle. It increases the efficiency of your gun use and eliminates the waste of time.

Another advantage is the provision of additional 1.5 inches of eye relief. It is secure, functional and returns to zero every time. Quick disconnect is also a plus because it provides easy removal of the scope while cleaning or gun maintenance.

As another model of this manufacturer from my list, this mount comes together with the replacement screws, a wrench, a vial of blue Loctite and an installation instruction.

This mount is lightweight and adds no extra weight to your equipment. So you will be comfortable while using and transporting it.


  • Solid construction
  • Well built & durable
  • Easy to attach and detach
  • Contoured aft-section
  • Perfect for users who wear body armor
  • Additional eye relief
  • Usable with M16A2-lenghts stocks


  • Doesn’t work with Trijicon TA 50 ACOG

5. Trijicon Acog Quick-Release Mount

[mks_col] [mks_one_half][mks_progressbar name=”Durability” level=”81%” value=”81″ height=”15″ color=”#6bad81″ style=”squared”][mks_progressbar name=”Reliability” level=”89%” value=”89″ height=”15″ color=”#6bad81″ style=”squared”][mks_progressbar name=”Practicality” level=”90%” value=”90″ height=”15″ color=”#6bad81″ style=”squared”][mks_progressbar name=”Price” level=”93%” value=”93″ height=”15″ color=”#6bad81″ style=”squared”][/mks_one_half] [mks_one_half] [/mks_one_half] [/mks_col]

Trijicon ACOG Quick-Release Mount is one of the best options on the market regarding mounts for ACOG optics. As it is stated in the name of the item, it is very easy and fast to attach and detach.

It is the best ACOG mount quick release option.

Simplicity of installation and usage of this item are exceptional. This mount is very practical, functional and lightweight. It locks your ACOG optics securely on the right place and holds the desirable position steadily.

The mount requires no additional adjustments; it is ready to go from the start. There is a possibility to adjust your optics even more firmly in a picotinnys rail, if you decide so.

Please pay attention to the fact that this mount might not fit all ACOG optics, so be sure to check the compatibility of your item before purchasing it.

This mount easily returns to zero. The lever has a lockout that you should depress before you can remove it. It provides additional comfort to the user. This mount comes with all the necessary items, such as: the screws, a screwdriver and a blue Loctite.


  • Solid construction
  • High-quality materials
  • Durable & reliable
  • Easy to remove
  • Comes with screws, screwdriver and a blue Loctite
  • Functional
  • Lightweight


  • A bit pricey



I hope that this article was useful and provided you with all necessary information about the best ACOG mount.

When you use the best optics for your weapon, it is very important to choose the right mount to lock and hold it firmly. The functionality and durability of the item are also very important.

Of course, a good mount might seem a bit pricey, but you are paying for the excellent quality, anyway.

ACOG optics requires the best mounts, precisely produced for this purpose. For additional information about scopes, you might want to check out this article.