How to Choose the Perfect AR10 Scope?

The riflescope is an indispensable unit for a hunter, professional athlete or amateur shooter who wants to hit the target accurately with each shot.

The best productivity can be reached by a suitable model. The review helps everyone identify the best ar10 scope.

The riflescope includes a kit of lenses, in a visual metal tube.

This mechanism is between the oculars’ amplifier and the object-glass installed near the tubes’ edge. This is the element facing the eye of the observer.

Qualitative lenses are responsible for a legible picture. They are important in order for the output to form a correct, non-reversed image.

So, I present TOP-5 ar 10 scopes that make shooting qualitative and easier:

PhotoProduct nameMore Info
1. Nikon M-308 4-16x42mm Riflescope w/ BDC 800 Reticle, BlackNikon M-308 4-16x42mm RiflescopeView on Amazon
2. Vortex Optics Viper 6.5-20x50 BDCVortex Optics Viper 6.5View on Amazon
3. Trijicon VCOG 1-6x24 Riflescope Ballistic ReticleTrijicon VCOG 1-6x24 Riflescope Ballistic ReticleView on Amazon
4. Leupold Mark 4 LR/T 8.5-25x50mm (30mm) M1 Mil DotLeupold Mark 4 LR/T 8.5-25x50mmView on Amazon
5. Aimpoint M4 2 Minute of Angle ACET CompM4 SightAimpoint M4 2 Minute of AngleView on Amazon
In total, more than 10 collecting and scattering lenses are used in oculars, grouped in a special way.

One of the most important parameters that affect the luminosity of the lens is the diameter of the input lens. If it is huge, amplifier will get more light and collect it. And the image will be lighter.

It is substantial, if you start shooting at twilight or in a room with feeble light. You have to purchase a breech-sight with a wide diameter of the lens.

1. Nikon M-308 4-16x42mm Riflescope w/ BDC 800 Reticle, Black

Target Acquisition92%
Important Characteristics88%

This model will be good for heavy caliber rifles. It has wide enlargement range that has an oversized lens.

You can find instructions that contain everything important. It also flips up lens covers. The windage adjustment knobs are tight and sound off with an audible click when moved.


The scope arrives with flip-open lens covers, a microfiber cloth, and a one-piece mount with a built-in 20-MOA slope. It can come with a honeycomb anti-reflective device.

The fast collection times using the BDC reticle is one of the pros. I find the adjustment and finish of all processes to be high quality. It shows that this scope is reliable and accurate.

Target Acquisition

This model has a waffle screw in object-glass cover that guarantees absence of reflection. The zoom sits well at 100 yards and a 1-inch circle can be easily described.

Bright and entirely multi-coated optical system is one more advantage for this.


After the first two shots at100 yds. on a 1′ square tee using a 1″ net pattern I had it zeroed. This shows that the ¼-MOA zero reset turrets on the scope are made meticulously.

The adjustments for these are also very precise and stark.

Don’t be afraid if your scope-grid looks like its out of focus. It isn’t damaged.. Direct the product at a wall that has continuous color and regulate using the adjustment ring at the ocular end until the grid is in focus.

Important Characteristics

It can be set on an AR10 with an American Defense AD-Recon 1 STD scope base. This model can be used in any weather. It has fog proof and waterproof mechanisms.

You wouldn’t see scratches or cracks because of shockproof mode.

2. Vortex Optics Viper 6.5-20×50 BDC

Target Acquisition78%
This extra scope will be difficult to shake. It has a limpid glass with high quality. It has no problem with holding zero and is also always on the mark.

This model has no rivals in mastery and high-grade. It is best to be 200 and 300 yards from the target during the shooting.

The price is very moderate — will not take much money money from your wallet!


The spring systems are powerful. It has heavy duty precision force. The scope has glass that slips erector precisely. This unit has a parallax alignment that will make tuning faster.

Target Acquisition

These optics are completely coated by a few layers with 95 percent light transmission. You can shoot everywhere and in any light with this model.

Be sure that you need 20x before you buy it. You can work with 16x if you shoot out to 1000. It can be useful for routine actions. An incredible mechanism will bring you perfect image.


This model is very rugged and tough. It feels solid and all engines are fixed strongly. It’s easy to use. The reset feature is great and good for productive shooting.

Important Characteristics

One of the advantages is the Dead-Hold BDC. This grid is suitable for various firearms, rifles with high power level, rimfire rifles, rifles that use black powder and slug shotguns.

This mechanism can rectify wind drift and span assessment through the use of hash marks on the horizontal crosshair.

3. Trijicon VCOG 1-6×24 Riflescope Ballistic Reticle

Target Acquisition77%
There is a changeable-powered scope that has LED-illumination of a first central plane grid. It’s designed to adapt quarter battle (CQB) near you and long-distance shooting.

This contemporary rifle provides speedy, accurate marksmanship. This scope represents the flexibility of the AR15 platform. The unit is reliable like a tank. It has unbelievable lucidity of the glass.


A MIL-spec-grade optic is a robust for any application and features superior glass quality. This mechanism can collect light capabilities and there is no distortion.

It also provides secure Red Horseshoe grid. It is appointed with 175-grain 308 loads.

This model was created especially for the wartime soldier who has to have a robust, combats’ optic. It has a function of the flick of the “integrated power fin” in the daytime and in the night.

If you need to shoot during a long time, you will need AA battery. And also is a constant eye-relief that’s a long 4 inches. It isn’t like a CR2032 battery because it would dwindle so quickly.

This model can work for 700 hours without interruption.

Target Acquisition

The optics are excellent and can boast of comfortable eye relief.Some use it with a 1:7 spin shooting 55 grain and the exactness is completely satisfying.


Some people say that this unit has a mediocre fiber-optic grid or that it’s too heavy. But you have to remember that the VGOC was created first of all for military needs.

Important Characteristics

This isn’t one of those 16-inch beasts that are on long-range rifles, because it’s a compact 10-1/2 inches.

The VGOC has a waterproof mechanism to 66 feet. Also, it’s electronics for illumination is Mil-Spec tough. This model has integrated mount and combined fin on increase selection.

4. Leupold Mark 4 LR/T 8.5-25x50mm (30mm) M1 Mil Dot

Target Acquisition76%

This variant is one of the most popular because of reasonable price. It’s a model of ar 10 scopes that impress with a professional laser sight.

The Leupold Mark can be tactically used. And you need to notice the high level of enlargement.

This model is suitable for professional hunters, shooters and amateurs.


This variant has a long-range scope that can increase an image from 8.5 to 25x. It also has an objective lens with 50mm diameter.

This unit has more reach than can be expected, fast control on knobs with the appropriate and comfortable size. It’s like a piece of delight.

I’ve tried to shoot with this scope and can admit that you can shoot as far as the thing can achieve. Index Matched Lens System provides matchless acuity, intensity, and contrast.

Mil-Dot grid is one of the advantages here. The grid helps to evaluate an approximate hold-over or presents a rise of adjustment to the scope. But it’s effective if there is precise information about the weapon and ammunition ballistics.

There is a rugged 30mm main tube that helps to make shooting more effortless and productive.

Target Acquisition

Parallax alignment has focused on the side images. It helps to do slight parallax focusing starting from 75 yards to infinite.


The goal visual at 300 yards is like the 36″ X 36″ aim with a 2″ bullseye is about 10 yards away. The range of this unit is within 600 yards of a line out of shooting but I ran out of daylight yesterday.

You can zero in to 100 yards. You can use the armament data situated on the box and everyone is able to change the correct the MOA to the scope to go from 100 yards, to 200 yards and later to 300 yards during the fixed period of time within inches of the middle.

Important Characteristics

This model has a totally waterproof construction which helps to protect the mechanism from various unexpected situations. It isn’t heavy. There are only 22.5 ounces of weight.

5. Aimpoint M4 2 Minute of Angle ACET CompM4 Sight

Target Acquisition94%

To me, Aimpoint M4 can be used by the military and simple shooters. A mechanism that functions nicely in the hardest weather conditions. It works well when it’s zero and has a long living battery of a high quality.

I buy one used because it’s a good opportunity to save a few dollars. It has very solid construction and a great mounting system.

It’s created like a panzer. There is a forceful low diode setting for NV abilities as well.

This model has no detrimental laser emissions. A vertical spacer is also in the kit.


The basis of this product is allotted for protection both the optics and control components from the tough use. It can withstand mechanical damages.

The rail mount QRP2 Picatinny was improved and liquidates the necessity for a single ring of mounting. Also, there is enhanced energy efficiency that ensures using the product throughout 8 years of constant work from a single AA battery.

Embedded mount removes the need for the separate ring, and makes the use incredibly easy. Vertical and forward can be modified for spacers to fit the diversity of weapon systems.

You will get the QRP2 mount and AR15 gasket created according to all requirements, and killFlash anti-reflection device. There are a MILSPEC rubber lens covers for better protection of vision.

Target Acquisition

It has both night vision modes and common red point modes. The brightest vision will be perfectly seen even in the desert with lucid skies and absolute sunshine.

You will appreciate this 16-position handheld switch with 7-night vision compatible settings and 9 daylight installations.


The CompM4 scope hull was constructed to save mechanisms. Also, it is stable for water and other liquid to 45 meters (150 feet).

Important Characteristics

Material housing is a squeezed aluminum with a high level of strength. A surface is finished with hard anodized, matte material.

It isn’t too heavy. The weight of the entirely Aimpoint M4 is 265 g (9.3 oz). If we take into account the integrated mount, the heft will be 335 g (11.8 oz).

The scope will be will function incredibly in the temperature range from -45°C to +71°C (-50°F to 160°F). You will get high productivity and possibility to use mechanism at any time of the year.

I represented the best ar 10 scope suggestions for professionals and amateurs that have an advantageous price, high-powered constructions, and qualitative lens.

The degree of model increase should be chosen according to the distance from which the shooting is planned. The general-purpose sighting is a multiple of 3x-9x or 3x-12x: they are perfect for hunting.

For firing at long distances or on paper targets, it is worth paying attention to the models with an increase in 6x-24x and 8x-32x. (Sights of more than 40x will reveal their potential only in the hands of experienced snipers).

During the choosing of a sighting grid, you have to consider where trainings or hunting will be held (in country, in the bushy forest or in the mountains).

One of the most important parameters that affect the luminosity of the lens is the diameter of the input lens: the larger it is, the more light the lens will collect and the lighter the image will be.

This should be taken into account if it is planned to shoot at dusk or under low light: for this work, it is necessary to select a sight with a large diameter of the lens.

But it should be taken into account that with the increase in the size of the lens, the overall weight of the sight will also grow.

A useful option of modern sights is the illumination of the sighting grid. It can be highlighted as one central brand and the entire grid as a whole.

Typically, manufacturers create several levels of lighting, so that you can adapt the intensity of the lighting to external conditions.

You should note that no matter how good the sight, after installation on the weapon it will be necessary to shoot. It will be necessary to adjust the position of the sighting grid so that the aiming point coincides with the midpoint of the hit.

For mounting of the sight of the weapon, an appropriate adjusting base must be established on it: these may be Weaver / Picatinny slats or dovetail-type fasteners.

The sight is attached to the bar by special rings that differ in diameter and height, depending on the size of the sight.

The most common mounting rings are approximately 25.4 and 30 mm. The height of the fastening is selected depending on the diameter of the objective lens.