Best Night Sights for HK P30 Reviewed

5 Best Night Sights for HK P30 Handguns

All handgun owners will attest that the main intention of the weapon at home is to secure the home at night or secure their personal protection during the night hours.

As such, owning a handgun is one aspect of this defensive protection system, but being able to aim accurately at night is another and completely different aspect of the equation.

There are many options available for gun owners, but when it comes to sights for dark use, including the best night sights for the HK P30, there are only a limited number of options to choose from.

Like any set of products and models, each one has its pros and cons.

In this article, I will concentrate on the less bulky, less costly, but highly efficient Tritium sighting systems.

Tritium has become the most popular sighting system due to its unique qualities, and the versatility as well as price factor.

They are also non-bulky systems that produce minimum lighting, so you don’t attract attention when aiming.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at your best offerings for night sights when it comes to the semi-automatic handgun by Heckler & Koch, HK P30

Product ImageProduct NameType of opticsMore Information
1.LPA SPF01HK Sight Set, Fully Adjustable Fiber Optic1.LPA SPF01HK Sight Set, Fully Adjustable Fiber OpticFully Adjustable Fiber OpticMore Information
2.Trijicon P30/45C HD Front Outline Night Sight Set2.Trijicon P30/45C HD Front Outline Night Sight SetFront Outline Night Sight SetMore Information
3.Meprolight Heckler & Koch Tru-Dot Night Sight for USP full size3.Meprolight Heckler & Koch Tru-Dot Night Sight for USP full sizeUSP full sizeMore Information
4.TRUGLO BriteSite TFX4.TRUGLO BriteSite TFXEncapsulated three dot systemMore Information
5.XS Sights HK USP 24/7 DXT Big Dot - HK USP5.XS Sights HK USP 24/7 DXT Big Dot - HK USPBig Dot HK USPMore Information

Top 5 Night Sights for HK P30

1.LPA SPF01HK Sight Set, Fully Adjustable Fiber Optic


The LPA SPF01HK is a three-tritium dot sighting system, with a dovetail rear sight using two green tritium dots and a front sighting red tritium fiber optic cable.


These are tritium fiber optic cables that use two green dots in a dovetail designed rear that will fit effortlessly into the H&K P30 frame.

The front sight uses a red fiber optic cable that when aligned will provide maximum accuracy for a perfect shot.

The rear sight is adjustable, and once you have set it, together with the front sight, you should be able to squeeze off deadly accurate night shots.

Key Characteristics

  • Carry sights with fiber optic for automatic pistols
  • Fits existing dovetail slot without milling work.


When it comes to accuracy, this sight will deliver the goods. It is priced in the middle range, and since it is adjustable, is a perfect companion for your H&K P30 pistol.

2.Trijicon P30/45C HD Front Outline Night Sight Set


The Trijicon HD Night Sights are tactical night sights using three tritium dots. This is a three-dot system with a red circle for extra aiming accuracy, and the sight is slightly raised for additional aiming versatility.


The rear dovetail sight has two green tritium caps, and the front uses green tritium with a red circle.

The rear sight is not adjustable, so you need to adjust it when applying it onto your weapon.

The rears sight comes with a tight U shaped focal feature, making it nearly impossible to miss the third eye alignment. The red circle is placed to help with fast alignment, and for close quarter shots, provides relative accuracy.

Key Characteristics

  • Metal body
  • Extra large front dot
  • Sapphire window
  • Protective aluminum cylinders


This is a slightly more expensive model and is partially due to the rugged design, but I personally see no reason for its price range.

On the other hand, it’s an exceptional device and well worth considering when out in the field for many hours a day and night.

3.Meprolight Heckler & Koch Tru-Dot Night Sight for USP full size


The Meprolight is a military grade sight; this doesn’t mean it’s the best, it just means it is designed to handle extreme tactical conditions and provide true brightness in the field. This particular model is extremely provocative and has great lighting features.

Meprolight is featured in much international law enforcement and military contracts and is supposed to be used by the Israeli army as well as Nato.


This is a three-dot tritium sighting system. It has an exceptionally bright dot feature and the front scope sports one large bright green dot.

The rear dovetail sight is adjustable and comes with two green dots. This particular model has been sold to over 4.5 million users from around the world, and testing has shown that professionals will hit their target dead on 85% of the time in pitch black and tactical conditions.

Key Characteristics

  • Low Maintenance adjustable model
  • One of the Brightest Night Sights Available
  • Used by Military & Law Enforcement


If you like extra bright with good quality alignment, as well as an adjustable rear sight, then this is the model you want to have on your H&K P30. Consider that this is the most expensive of all the models I review here, but the price difference only reflects the quality of the product, and the range in price is not that high to warrant fear from purchase.

4.TRUGLO BriteSite TFX


The TRUGLO® Brite•Site™ TFX™ is a uniquely designed tritium three dot model. This one comes with a different design casement that delivers deep rich color and provides ultimate brightness and ruggedness, that supersedes all the competition.


The patented design of this TRUGLO® Brite•Site™ TFX™ model is different; it is built to last extreme wear and tear.

The capsule of tritium is sealed in a rust-free CNC machined steel alloy casing that uses the FORTRESS FINISH™. This means that the fiber optic cable is sealed in a virtually indestructible casing, making this optic a very reliable one when under extreme conditions of fire, water or dust.

Let’s have a closer look at this interesting device. It comes encapsulated in a fully protected TFO® technology body. The materials are impervious to oils, chemicals, cleaning solvents and you can clean it using any ultra-sonic cleaning process.

Visibility is virtually unmatched, and it conceals the fiber so that the weapon cannot be seen in the dark by your antagonists. The body is chamfered all around and uses rads rather then angles to assure a snag-free performance.

Key Characteristics

  • Fully protected TFO® technology encapsulation
  • Water, dust and corrosive substance proof
  • Concealed fiber cannot be seen by the target


The price is right, the materials are right, and the design is right, the only thing left is to buy it.

5.XS Sights HK USP 24/7 DXT Big Dot – HK USP


The XS Sight Systems HK USP 24/7 DXT Big Dot is a classic big dot tritium sight that fits neatly on your H&K P30 front sight area. This is an “i” and dot configuration, which makes sighting easy and fast.


Some users prefer the three-dot system, but for others, the alignment of the dot over the “i” makes for faster performance. You just make sure the dot hovers above the I, in some cases, just touching each other and pull the trigger.

This model comes with an enhanced dot; it’s large and distinct. The i-dot system improves alignment, and the configuration makes it even easier during daylight hours when you just align the white circle above the I that is centered in the “v” like the valley of the rear dovetail sight placement.

This is a low-profile design and is manufactured with smooth finishes, so there is no chance of snagging or ripping.

Key Characteristics

  • Tritium big dot front sight with a white circle
  • Tritium “i” dovetail rear sight


I like to be honest at all times; the price is so good for the quality you get, that is why I finished with this model. If you are a three-dot person, then this won’t impress you, but if you have no preference or an i-dot person, then throw away the old sight and use this one instead. I doubt if you will miss with this one in place.


Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen. For the scientifically minded this means it is hydrogen with a core that has two neutrons instead of no neutrons.

The decay of the neutron is what creates the glow, and this is a radioactive process, although it is so minute as to not be dangerous.

Tritium is created naturally in the upper atmosphere when cosmic rays strike hydrogen in the air molecules. Tritium is also found to exist during a nuclear explosion, and is a byproduct in electricity producing reactors.

There is also a tritium production process that isotope lithium-6 which is bombarded in a reactor to produce tritium

Tritium Life Cycle

Tritium is an unstable isotope and decays into hydrogen, it lasts for around 12.32 years, so your tritium night sight will only last that long too.

Take into consideration the self-time of the sight, if it was on the shelf or 5 years and was produced two years earlier, you only have 5.32 years left.

So always make sure you know the tritium production date, not the part production date which is irrelevant to the life of the tritium part.

This is something to think about when comparing any of the best night sights for HK P30 semi-automatics. A little nerdy knowledge here can get you ready to make the choice that’s right for you.