Best Night Sights for HK P30 Reviewed

5 Best Night Sights for HK P30 Handguns

All handgun owners will attest that the main intention of the weapon at home is to secure the home at night or secure their personal protection during the night hours. As such, owning a handgun is one aspect of this defensive protection system, but being able to aim accurately at night is another and completely... Read more →

Best Universal Sight Pusher Tool Reviews

Sylvan Arms Advanced Sight Pusher Tool

A gun and a scope, two high-performance items that can be extremely costly, are just the tip of the weapons iceberg. In fact, the gun is the main component, but it is supported by a plethora of accessories that make life easier for serious gun enthusiasts. Included in this list of products is the elusive... Read more →

Best Scope for 22LR Squirrel Hunting  

Scope for 22LR Squirrel Hunting  

If you are a hunter, then you know that the smaller the target, the harder the shot. Add to that the faster the target the even harder the shot and you get the squirrel hunters dilemma. How to shoot a lil’ furry pesky critter from a distance, quietly and with precision. Top-Rated Scope for 22LR... Read more →

Best Combat Pistol Sights for Your Handgun

Red dot sights are specifically good for short- and medium range shooting. Some of the items provide good target acquisition for long-range shooting too, but they are not comparable with scopes. When it comes to picking a combat pistol sight, there are several crucial features you should pay attention to. Crisp Dot Different light conditions... Read more →

5 Best Scopes for 100 yards for Hunters, Hikers, and more

Short range shooting is defined as a distance of 25-100 yards. Although this may not seem like it’s very far, it still covers a bit of ground. Using the best scope for 100 yards or less is actually pretty common when it comes to hunting, sight-seeing, hiking and “backyard” birding. Good viewing requires the greatest... Read more →