Best Universal Sight Pusher Tool Reviews

Sylvan Arms Advanced Sight Pusher Tool

A gun and a scope, two high-performance items that can be extremely costly, are just the tip of the weapons iceberg.

In fact, the gun is the main component, but it is supported by a plethora of accessories that make life easier for serious gun enthusiasts.

Included in this list of products is the elusive dovetail sight pusher tool.

Dovetail Sight pushers are essentially performance tools designed to help adjust or remove tightly fitting sights on various guns, and anyone that has, for instance, a Glock, will attest that a stuck sight is no laughing matter.

Installing a sight correctly is key to the sight’s performance.

You might think that all the notches and fixtures will provide a perfect sighting solution, but if the sight is not situated properly, you will end up with bad scoping, and even parts flying off with recoil. (No laughing matter)

In this review, I have taken my 30 years of gun experience, from law enforcement and from the range, and sought out the best sight pushers on the market.

Just for a quick reference, sight pushers are very simple products; these are not hi-tech items.

A universal sight pusher is slightly more versatile and adaptable then bespoke devices.

Essentially a universal sight pusher is a metallic fixture with mounting blocks that allow you to adapt the fixture to many gun makes and models.

Since these are very simple devices, it is actually harder to find a good and reliable one among the many that are basically rubbish and will do more damage than good.

Here is the list of the five best universal sight pushers on the market today.

Product ImageProduct NameBody/Frame MaterialSpecial FeaturesSizeMore Information
1.Sight-Tools, Universal Handgun Sight Pusher Tool1.Sight-Tools, Universal Handgun Sight Pusher ToolAluminum BodySteel ThreadsCompactMore Information
2.Wheeler 710905 Engineering Armorer's Handgun Sight Tool2.Wheeler 710905 Engineering Armorer's Handgun Sight ToolAluminum BodySS ThreadsCompactMore Information
3.Sylvan Arms Advanced Sight Adjustment Pusher Tool 2.03.Sylvan Arms Advanced Sight Adjustment Pusher Tool 2.0Steel frameAluminum blocksLargeMore Information
4.Fisher Sight Pusher Tool4.Fisher Sight Pusher ToolSteel FrameAluminum blocksLargeMore Information
5.CNC Sights Handgun Sight Tool Universal for Front or Rear Dovetail Sights5.CNC Sights Handgun Sight Tool Universal for Front or Rear Dovetail SightsSteel frameAluminum BlocksMediumMore Information

1.Sight-Tools, Universal Handgun Sight Pusher Tool


The Sight-Tool Universal Handgun Sight Pusher Tool is a sturdy model. The body is machined out of billet aluminum body and integrates a steel alloy pusher.

This is a proud American company, so it is all about “made in America” for this product.

This is a front and rear sight pusher, it is slightly chunkier than other models, and this added weight factor provides you with a lot of torque support.


The makers of the Universal Handgun Sight Pusher Tool Pusher device came up with a solid, heavy device that delivers on all performance factors.

To start off with, it is made of a very solid, chunky billet aluminum frame, this softer alloy frame does not scratch your gun when applying it, and the chunkiness adds weight and handling performance.

The steel alloy screws used to push the sight flow effortlessly in the aluminum threads, and adding a little oil helps to maintain the integrity of the device.

Aligning this device over your gun is easy, and turning the screws is simple, and due to the design, which is compact but solid, you get a really effortless result in comparison to other models.


  • Grips four sides of the slide, instead of two
  • Doesn’t need additional weight or force


When comparing the price to performance, the ratio is in favor of both, so you get an exceptional value for money device.


2.Wheeler 710905 Engineering Armorer’s Handgun Sight Tool


When it comes to design and functionality, The Wheeler Engineering Armour’s Handgun Sight Tool stands out from the rest. This is truly a unique device in design, and it makes installing, removing and adjusting front and rear pistol sights very easy.


This product design provides you with a large adjustment wheel and uses four independent positioning clamps that secure and support the slide; these clamps also protect the slide from bending during adjustments. To assure extra security for operation, there is an additional top clamp.

The device comes with four large post drive knobs, and these make pushing the sight ease and is designed to be reversible which accommodates many Glock model slides.

The Wheeler Instruction Video:


  • Precision machined unit
  • Reference marks for precise adjustments
  • Works on all semi-auto pistols


If you want high performance and accurate device that comes with a price to match, then this is the one for you.

It is a professional model designed by professionals for professionals, but it doesn’t mean you can’t buy one and enjoy its exceptional performance even if you are not a professional.


3.Sylvan Arms Advanced Sight Adjustment Pusher Tool 2.0


The Sylvan Arms Gen 2 Model Standard Sight Pusher is a brand-new model, only released to the market this year. This extra-large frame and universal block adjustment unit is made of a CNC Machined 9310 steel alloy frame with 6061 aluminum blocks. Its design makes it a comprehensive universal sight pushing device.


If you snake eye type sights, then you need the Sylvan Arms Gen 2 Model Standard Sight Pusher. This device is designed specifically for every type of sight including “snake eye” types. The large 9310 steel alloy frame supports the use of 6061 aluminum alloy blocks for full gun adaptability.

Sylvan Arms Advanced Sight Pusher Tool

The snake eye pusher is made of a specially hardened block, specifically designed for this purpose. What you also get with this kit is a Glock disassembly tool, a Glock front sight removal tool and Padding for the blocks.

You also get a Location Peek Hole for improved performance while working, and the bottom block is securable.

This all comes in a padded carry case, so you don’t damage this product while carrying it around in your bag.


  • Specialized hardened pusher block for “snake eye” type sights
  • Grip inserts with straight sides, stepped sides, notches, and angled sides, to match 90% of all handguns.


Comprehensive is the name of the game here, if you have multiple gun types, or even own a small gun smithy; this would be a perfect solution for all the different models you might need to work with.


4.Fisher Sight Pusher Tool


The Fisher universal sight pusher tool is one of the simplest solution providers on the market, and because its simple it works simply. This is the story of a steel alloy case with aluminum adjustment and pusher blocks all neatly packaged in Patent #8,707,609.

Yes, they even have a patent for this model, so it’s unique and exceptional.


This patented model is made of steel alloy, in a 3″x3″x1/4″ frame with grade 5 steel pusher bolt and a hardened steel pusher blade. This is an all-American mode, made in the USA and is designed to handle even the most stubborn of sights.

You can place XD blocks into the frame easily; they fit the precision engineered space. If you have stubborn XD parts, just add a small drop of penetrating oil and line up the tool with the sight easily. For an XD45, you push from right to left when facing the rear of the gun, and you turn the bolt head easily even with the most stubborn of components.

Instructional Video:


  • Steel frame
  • Hardened steel blade
  • Grade 5 hardened steel bolt


This is an exceptional tool for handling the hardest and most stubborn sights. Its steel frame and components make it also impervious to knocks and wear from stresses between steel on aluminum surfaces.


5.CNC Sights Handgun Sight Tool Universal for Front or Rear Dovetail Sights


This is a classic gun sight pusher that is virtually identical to the Fisher model. As such its performance is very close to that of the Fisher, but there are some minor differences, the main one being the price. This model costs roughly a third of the price


So, what does this one offer that makes it worth the while to add it to this list? Well to start off with its identical in shape and style as the Fisher device, so this means its 100% universal.

It integrates a 4140-tool steel pusher, within a steel alloy frame and comes with billet aluminum alloy blocks.

Now just for those that ask what a “billet” is, a billet is basically a large block of aluminum that is used to “carve-out” the part. In this case, we are talking about small blocks, so the billet in question is actually a solid bar (extrusion) of aluminum alloy.

As with the fisher, you adjust the blocks per weapons male and model, set it into place and apply the necessary force to move the sight.


  • Fisher style frame and blocks
  • Exceptional price


If you are limited by a budget, then this is the tool to get. It will deliver the results you seek. As I started out at the introduction, these are simple objects, and sometimes the simplest is the best, which is true in this case.


A gun sight pusher is only as good as the materials used to make it. The design is essentially a frame with clamping blocks for universal purposes, and a good solid thread with a bolt and an easy to turn bolt head.

Remember your gun is not scratch proof. I personally recommend aluminum bodied devices. This reduces the chance of scratching surfaces, even heat and chemically treated ones.

Make sure your aluminum blocks are all precision machined and that the frame is steel with a steel thread interface. Aluminum threads will wear when sufficient pressure is applied to a steel thread over the surface.

Maintenance is a must, as with all ferrous objects, the aluminum blocks might withstand corrosion, but the steel frame needs to be clean and oiled, so it does not rust.

Also, make sure your thread is greased or oiled before use, it makes it ever so much easier to turn especially when dealing with a stubborn dovetail.

Final words – These five are at the top of the list. I have provided you with four totally different models and two that are very similar, but the materials and price are slightly different.

If you are a true gun enthusiast and have a lot of different models, I would suggest any one of these for your workshop, and the last one, the CNCsight model is a perfect model to take in the field.

The price and performance of this make it one that can be used on any gun in the range or in action, without the worries of a hefty price tag being endangered by tactical conditions.